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Chesham Property London provides a full suite of elite property services covering the whole of London and Surrey. We are a team of dedicated property experts, with over 50 years of combined experience managing luxury homes in Prime Central London. Whatever your requirements are, our highly trained in-house team provide a truly personalised service for your property. We are your first and last port of call for everything related to your home, creating a seamless service for Landlords and ensuring our residents luxury homes run like a 5-star hotel.


Our management services cover both Landlords and owner occupied homes, as well as trustworthy elite vacant care and property services that you can rely on. With regular inspections and tailored maintenance schedules, our services will protect your home’s value and save you previous time and money every year. We reduce the cost of ownership for our Landlords and luxury residents by an average of at least 30% each year, saving our clients thousands of pounds through our expertise, guidance, and unparalleled, diverse, supplier relationships and contacts.

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If your London home is not always occupied, you need some trusted eyes and ears on the ground to keep check on your asset. Let us take care of your home whilst you're away to ensure it is safe, secure, and maintained at all times. Our home team will ensure you don't void any insurances, warranties, and service all your home's bespoke maintenance requirements whilst you are away so that it works exactly as it should when you come back into town. To find out more about why vacant home care is so essential for your home read our Home & Away article or click the learn more button below to see what this service covers


We provide in-house, owner-occupied residential home care like no other. Our dedicated home team will take care of everything from your bespoke ongoing preventative and reactive maintenance requests, to errand running, supervising contractor visits, and so much more. We also offer this service with vacant care included as standard, so you can rest assured your home is taken care of whilst you are

away too. For full details on this fully comprehensive

& bespoke service please get in touch with our home team today or click the learn more button below to

see everything that is covered

Interior Design
Interior Design


We understand that not every client requires our full service packages, perhaps you spend most of the year in your home, or already have live-in staff. Whatever the reason, you can sleep easy knowing that you still have our expert guidance, access to our black book of fully vetted contractors, and experienced property managers just a call away should you ever need them. For more details on this remote only support service get in touch with our dedicated team today

or click the learn more button below


HMO properties don’t have to be a headache! We will ensure that all of your tenants are treated with the uttermost care, and the same goes for your property too. Our highly experienced team will take care of all the tedious compliance requirements as part of your set-up to ensure you don’t get an hefty fines. We also provide full tenant welcome packs alongside detailed property guides as standard to ensure a smooth tenancy from the day tenants move in to the day they depart. For more details get in touch with our team today or click the learn more button below

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Our tenant management and Landlord services really go above and beyond the industry standard at CPL. Our expert team will take care of your tenants and your rental property to ensure it is cost effective and a joy for your tenants reside there. We ensure that any tenants under our care are treated to the luxury service we are known for. We provide full tenant home welcome packs, detailed property guides/videos, and 24/7 emergency services for any issues that may arise as standard in our management package. For more details on this elite service get in touch with our team today or click the learn more button below to see what is covered


Our team are experience property portfolio managers. We can ensure you get the best care and prices for your properties and residents. We provide detailed welcome packs and property guides as standard to ensure a smooth tenancy from day one for all residents and understand the compliance laws and legislations that need to be adhered to in your portfolio. For more details on this service get in touch with our dedicated team today or click the learn more button below 



Our experienced hosting team will ensure your guests are given a 5* hotel welcome and stay at your property every time. Because we specialise in all things property management, you can also rest assured and that your property is taken care of to the highest standards.

We even provide full guest welcome packs and detailed property guides as standard to ensure a smooth stay. Tailored inspections are carried out pre and post arrival/departure by our highly trained in-house team and we have a dedicated 24/7 emergency service for any issues that may arise during your guests stay.

For more details on our hosting and management service get in touch with our dedicated team today

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The building or redesigning of your home is one of the more major life tasks anyone will ever face. Let our experts guide you through the minefield, with over a decade of experience you can rest assured you will be taken care of. We can help you make the right choice for everything from the finishes and materials used to the more advanced decisions, such as what systems, hardware, and layouts to opt for. We also have a fully vetted black book of amazing contractors, click the button below to learn more or get in touch today



We partner with some of the UK's top developers to offer aftercare services like no other. We understand that post-completion to often ends up becoming an ongoing battle for many firms, affecting their bottom line. At CPL we take full accountability following practical completion to ensure our partner's developments are looked after with the care and attention they require, and that their new owners and residents deserve. Our offering can be tailored to suit each site and factored into the final sale price providing future owners/residents with peace of mind, and a truly unique, carefully curated service created especially for them, and their new home. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we could help you

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Owning a car can be stressful, especially if you're not always even in the country. Let our expert team take the hassle out of car ownership so you can just sit back and enjoy the drive. We will take care of everything including arranging and renewing your MOT, road tax, parking permits, and even your insurance policy. From BMW's to Bentleys, we will take care of any vehicle, we even have partnerships with local garages, valets, and modification specialists to ensure you get the best possible services at special prices. For more details get in touch with our dedicated team today or click the learn more button



We currently cover all of Prime Central, North, East, South, West London and Surrey. If your property is located outside of these areas please get in touch with our team today to see if your address can be serviced - we are always expanding our reach throughout the UK



Heading the home department is a role that I thoroughly enjoy. No two days are ever the same, and I love exceeding our client's expectations with requests

Camilla Kathryn Chesham


I have worked in the luxury Prime Central London market for over 15 years, so I pride myself on providing our clients with reliable expert property advice



Streamlining processes has always been my strength, so it was a natural progression for me to lead our OPS efforts to provide the best services

We were founded on family values over 50 years ago,

and those humble beginnings are still at the heart of everything we do today. Our dedicated team has since expanded beyond the family, and now has decades of combined property expertise in the Prime Central London market. We truly understand the complex and varied needs of our clients, our ethos is to offer the best possible service

to protect our clients assets and save them time and money. Attention to detail and care is what sets us apart, we really take the time to get to know our clients and their properties. Through our services, our clients, landlords, and tenants can relax and fully enjoy their homes without any of the usual stress or tedious maintenance and admin associated

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Working in the home team has been perfect for me. I most enjoy getting clients homes ready for their arrival as it is such a meticulous process

Alice Clark B&W_edited_edited.jpg


I started my career in property with CPL 3 years ago. I really enjoy the satisfaction of quickly & cost efficiently fixing issues for our tenants and landlords everyday

Alexis Bardini B&W_edited_edited.jpg


My role is exciting & very fast paced!

From collecting orders in Harrods, to stocking a fridge in Kensington, or running keys to a client in Highgate